A close-up of the mixing desk in the Skating Music Guy's studio


Before I can start work I need the source files for the music you want me to use. (If you aren’t sure what sort of files to send me, how to send them, or why I even need music files from you, take a look at the FAQ.)

Please use info@theskatingmusicguy.com as the address for file transfers.

Medals laid out on a table at a skating competition


I offer four categories of program (beginner, short, long and ice dance), each with a different flat fee. The details are below.

Please note that to use the PayPal links below you’ll need a PayPal account. Credit card payments are temporarily unavailable. If you would prefer to pay by bank transfer, in US dollars, pounds sterling or euros, get in touch and I’ll send you an invoice with the appropriate details. I can also provide e-invoices for skating clubs and any other organisations which can process them.


Beginner - 70€ ($85)

A special price for any skaters – solo, synchro or ice dance – who are under nine years old and whose program is no more than 2:00 in length.

Short program - 100€ ($115)

A short program is any solo or synchro program or pattern dance under 2:50 in length. (Ice dance rhythm dances and free dances are priced separately – see below.)

Long program - 125€ ($140)

A long program is any solo or synchro program or pattern dance that lasts 2:50 or longer. (Ice dance rhythm dances and free dances are priced separately – see below.)

Ice dance - 150€ ($165)

This is a separate price for rhythm dance or free dance programs. Because ice dance has so many music rules, these programs are usually more complex than other figure skating programs and they take more time to create!

screenshot of an editing project, with audio waveforms visible


I’d appreciate an email telling me who you are, the maximum music length you need me to edit to, whether there are parts of the source files that you particularly want me to use, and any other information you think is important. Say hello! My email is info@theskatingmusicguy.com

The Skating Music Guy's laptop at rinkside in an ice arena, with mastering software open on the screen


Once I have your music, money and instructions I can start work. I’ll always tell you when to expect a first draft of your program. It’ll usually be within 3-5 working days, but at busy times of year it can take me a week or two.

If you hear anything in the first draft that you don’t like, you can let me know and I’ll fix it. Then I’ll finalise the audio mix (in an ice rink whenever possible) and send you the final version as both an mp3 and a CD-quality .wav file.